The alpaca fiber market

One of the sensation products of the Peruvian exports so far this year is the alpaca fiber, which registers a growth of between 30% and 40%. Sales are driven by higher requirements in textile products and clothing. It should be noted that Peru concentrates more than 80% of the supply of this fiber in the world, according to data from the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur).

In this line, the export of alpaca fiber until April of this year reached 1,305 tons for a value of US $ 21 million 518 thousand, higher than the same period last year, where 1,292 tons of that product were shipped valued at US $ 18 million.

Prices and destinations
Currently the average price is US $ 14.60 per kilo. The main destinations are Italy, China and South Korea. It should be noted that the European country has surpassed China as the main buyer since the end of 2014. During the last three years, the Asian giant represents almost 40% of purchases.

Italy – 39% of the total – US $ 8.3 million
China – 35% – US $ 7.5 million
South Korea – 13% – US $ 2.7 million

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